Research paper 1. Choose a poet or short story writer from list 2. Study personal biography of writer (for consideration of how this may have influenced his or her writing) 3. Study time period in which your writer lived (think for example how the Pandemic or George Floyd’s death will impact today’s writers) 4. Study where they live and what happened where they lived (Did they live through a war or live during a period of peace and prosperity?) 5. With that lens study the poems or stories and think about how those items impacted or shaped what they wrote 6. That should begin to shape your thesis statement (1-2 sentences about what you think the works were about *find a link between the works) 7. Use the poems or stories (in analysis to support your thesis), this will be your body paragraphs 8. Include other writers who also studied your author (include quotes or summarize their feelings about the artist/writer), and integrate that into your paper (please search PCCC’s ‘Passaic County Community College’ online library for sources).You are searching for “Literary Criticism.” *If you choose a poet, choose at least 8 poems found online from your poet *If you choose a fiction writer, choose at least 4 stories from your fiction writer 9. If you need a refresher on what a MLA paper looks like, go to Resources for a sample paper. 10. Go to “Example of a Literary Analysis Paper” to study what your papers should include Link: Note: This work must has 7 pages without including the works cited page (Means 8 pages total).

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